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My name is George Georgiou and I live in London ,England.
From Christmas Eve 1989, my mother started to suffer from terrible pains in her back and left leg.Every day her condition was getting worse.From the 2nd January 1990 until the 7th January 1990 she lay in bed,unable to move.She could not sleep,she could not walk, and the tablets she had received from her GP were not easing the pain.On the Saturday 6th January the pain was unbearable.She thought this would be her last night.She was wake until 2am sunday morning,unable to sleep.She was in so much pain that she was sweating profusely. My father tried to help her by massaging her leg and he also helped her put on a surgical stocking,hoping this would help.Prior to this he had soaked her leg with some bread dipped in wine.As soon as she put on the sock the pain became intolerable.So much so, that she was crying.My father took the sock off immediately.With tears in her eyes she begged St Nektarios for help. Almost at once her leg seemed lighter. She fell asleep. When she woke up on Sunday, a few hours later, the pain had gone totally. She got up and we all went to St Nektarios church in Battersea,London. We even had visitors around later and she served them with tea and cakes. She has been fine ever since,free from this horrible pain.I thank St Nektarios for his help.

My name is Nikolina.I live in the Los Angeles area and attend church at The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Greek Orthodox Church in Long Beach, California. My husband, John, and I have been trying to have a baby for about two years. I have infertility issues and was undergoing infertility treatments. I was on 100 mg of clomid, a fertility drug, and undergoing intrauterine inseminations (IUI). My first insemination was in November 2000. I did become pregnant, but had a miscarriage 4 weeks later. The second IUI was unsuccessful. On the Saturday that we celebrate the raising of Lazarus from the dead by our Lord, I was in church making palm crosses with other church members. I was talking with one of the ladies there and telling her about my situation. She told me that I should pray to St. Nektarios and he would help me. Being a convert to Greek Orthodoxy, I had never prayed to a Saint before. I decided to pray to St. Nektarios almost every night before my next IUI and every night after. In April 2001 I was due to have another IUI. I had a good ovulation this time. However, my husband had been working nights for the past two weeks and his sperm count wasn't very good. The nurse let me look at the sample under the microscope and I only saw a few sperm. I was so disappointed. I thought for sure that I would have another unsuccessful IUI. I continued to pray to St. Nektarios and to God for the next two weeks. But my faith was low. When it was time for the blood test I had hope but there was more doubt. The next day when I called for the results the nurse told me that I would need to come in for another blood test because the lab technician had extracted my blood into the wrong tube. This made me more nervous and yet excited, because I had seen no signs of a period. I went the next day and had my blood redrawn. The nurse put it through STAT, and thank God! She called me a few hours later and told me that I was indeed pregnant. I was so happy. Six weeks later I found out I was blessed with twins. I am now 15 weeks pregnant and becoming very excited. I thank God and St. Nektarios for interceding for me. I am hoping for a boy and a girl, but will be thakful for whatever God will give us.

In May this year I read the story of Saint Nektarios' life. It affected me so much that my husband and I travelled to Greece in August 2001 to visit his tomb, and to see the monastery where he lived and preached. The effect of seeing first hand his Holy Relics, his room, and the beautiful new Church dedicated to his blessed memory was a great experience.

I truly believe that he has become my protector and Spiritual Father. I feel so close to him after being in his room, seeing his belongings. I have become dedicated to him and he has become my Saint. It is hard to put into words how I feel, but I truly felt His presence as I walked around the monastery, such emotions swept over me. I have a stronger faith because of Him, and I know that he directs me on the right path. I feel as though He reminds me to pray, influences the way I act, and talk. I will never be the same after discovering this Saint of our time, and reading his life story. I love him, and pray that he will guide me to Christ.

Patrikia Lewis

As a Greek-Cypriot boy growing up in London I suffered with severe asthma. When ever I would have an attack I would be rushed off to hospital and put into an oxygen tent. Before my 10th birthday my parents, sister and I went to visit St Nektarios. The doctors had told my parents that I should not be taken out of the country for it would have been dangerous for my health. My parents disregarded them and took me to see the Saint. When I entered the monastary I placed my ear on the tomb of the Saint and I could hear a tick, tick ,tick noise. I immediately started crying and wouldn't let go of the tomb.......From that day my asthma is virtually non-existent.The doctors said a miracle had happened. Since that day I keep our saint close to me and he helps me all day, every day.

Pantelis C Fouli

Glory be to God for all things!
Recently, I was diagnosed with a sudden profound hearing loss in my right ear on November 29th 2001. I was told by one of the top ear specialists in my region, two weeks after my hearing loss, that some hearing had returned (I only could hear environmental sounds very faintly ie. cars, noise) and that my hearing would not get any better. My reply to him was that miracles do happen and the doctor agreed. On January 2nd 2002, I went back to the hospital for further testing. After the test, the audiologist advised me that some more hearing had returned and that I could now wear a hearing aid. His words were that "Someone from above was watching me." Meanwhile, I had annointed my ear on a daily basis with Holy Oil from St. Raphael and had asked many to pray on my behalf. I had asked the Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes to pray for me, and unknown to me, he prayed to Saint Nektarios.
Thank you Saint Nektarios for helping in this miracle. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for all that you do. Thank you Lord for allowing me to meet Father Serfes and through him being introduced to Saint Nektarios. Thank you Panagia, St. Raphael and all the Saints for this miracle. Please believe in Jesus christ, He is the truth and miracles do happen.

In Christ,
George Kyreakakos

In 1995 my father was dying of cancer. While sitting together one night just the two of us, in his private hospital room, my father who was conversing with me, stopped and stared in disbelief to the corner of the room. He said to me in Greek, "what is Archbishop Makarios doing in my room?"
I said "who?"
He said "Archbishop Makarios, can't you see him he's standing right there behind you?"
I turned and looked but could see nothing.
I asked him "Where do you see Archbishop Makarios?"
He repeated, getting somewhat flustered," right there behind you!"
I immediately reached behind his pillow and pulled out a small icon of St. Nektarios that I had placed behind his pillow, and said "Dad, is this who you see in your room?"
He looked at the icon and said "yes, yes, that's who I see, Archbishop Makarios."
" Father,"I said, I think you're seeing Saint Nektarios visiting you. He looked at me, looked back at the corner of the room, and nodded his head knowingly, a little embarassed at mistaking the saint's identity, yet very honoured for the visit. My father died a few days later. Saint Nektarios and many other saints we prayed to, helped my father live with cancer for two years, despite the fact that the doctors had given him only a couple of months to live. In those two years he lived to attend my wedding, and hear of my wife's and my sister in laws first pregnancies. Despite the fact that he did not live to see his grandchildren, Saint Nektarios helped him be there for us as long as he could. We thank our Lord, and all the saints and angels that helped us through that difficult time. We especially thank St. Nektarios for visiting his spiritual child Telemachos, before his great journey. My brother and I now both have sons named Telemachos, and my son is named Telemachos - Nektarios. May this great saint help all those who need his help.

Chris Bitsakakis

From: Nektarios Kokologiannakis

Hi.My name is Nektarios.
I was born on May 28, 1970. When I was born and came out of my mothers womb I was really sick- health wise. I was not expected to live. My parents were both devasted by the news. So they decided to name me Nektarios,after Saint Nektarios because he performed many miracles and always prayed to God for mankind. As the years went on, doctors had doubts that I would walk.They didn't know if my mind was okay. I always had bad kidney infections, and they believed I would be a midget.
Fortunately I was blessed with great parents who loved me and raised me with faith in my life. I have gone through a lot of pain,suffering,surgeries,needles,and torture in my life.But one thing remains within my mind and that the belief that I will never ever give up in life because it is so precious, and we must take care of ourselves, believe in God himself,and always pray to him for the best- our health and the health of our family,relatives and friends.

I wanted to share a story with you. Back in 1982 I was really sick and was going through some hard times in my life. Lots of sadness came into my heart. The question was why me? I couldn't understand that.
As I was laying within my bed by the window,there appeared this bishop looking person. I didn't know who he was. He stood there up right, dressed in priestly garments.The colors were mostly green and gold-with some traces of blue. He had his staff which was made of gold.On top of his staff it had 2 dragons heads facing each other. I honestly dont know how tall he was, but I can estimate about 5'8 to 5'9.He had a white moustache attached by his long white beard which was down to his chest- a pure snow white looking beard. I couldn't see exactly the color of his eyes, but I do know he glowed. He didn't smile, but just stared at me. I didn't know any better who this man was, so I buried my face in my pillow and started screaming, yelling at the top of my lungs,terrified .Who was that man in my door way? I kept thinking.
Finally my mother and father rushed into my bedroom, shaking me and telling me to get my face out of my pillow. I finally did. What's wrong? they asked me. I described what I had seen .
My mother said "I'll be right back, hold him."
My mother ran into my grandmother Maria's room,(her mother) and grabbed an icon out of the iconostasio.
My mother showed me a picture of Ayios Nektarios and asked me:
" Is that who you saw?"
I yelled " yes that's him".
She replied "Don't be afraid of anything. He's here to help you."
She went on to explain to me who he was.
My mother said "You saw St. Nektarios the Wonder Worker."
My surgery went well and I grew up and am now 31 years old .
Last year in Late April I lost my kidneys.My doctors didn't take care of me,despite the fact that I trusted them. I have a harder life to deal with being on dialysis 3 days a week.The doctors have implanted a shunt in my arm in which they poke 2 large needles 3 days a week.Yes they hurt but in all honesty there is nothing I can do except to go on with life.
You have to understand something I am not a quitter. Neither do I give up at all. Every night I pray to God for my family,my relatives and friends. I say the "Lords Prayer".
One thing I have told my parents is to never blame themselves for how I was born, and that it wasn't their fault. It was meant to happen. The way I look at life is to always be positive,to care about people by being there and loving them, being a good person,to be honest,to joke around, providing laughter into peoples hearts and praying every single night to God himself. Most of all I am blessed and honored to have Saint Nektarios(Ayios) name.
I was born in Modesto, Ca. I go to the Annuniciation of Greek Orthodox of Modesto. This is the church I grew up in and the church I will pass away in ,when God comes calling to me on the day whenever his heart wants me to come to him.
To see pictures and information about our beautiful church go to

From Con Colovos

I am 42 years old and I am a firm believer and follower of the Greek Orthodox religion. My desire to learn more, and understand what our religion is about commenced primarily from my parents when I was young. One of the most prominent components of the Greek Orthodox Religion has been Agios Nektarios. He has been the Saint that has guided me, protected me, and helped me when I needed it. I have read all the literature that is available on him, so I may gain a better understanding of his life and the miracles that he has performed. All my life Agios Nektarios has been looking over me and making sure that nothing ever happens to myself and my family. It is Agios Nektarios, God and Jesus that I get up and pray to every morning and every night before I go to sleep. I honestly believe that he has the power to guide, heal and help people who believe in him to a more fulfilled life, understanding his works and the Greek Orthodox religion. An example of something that I regard to be one of his works is outlined below;

As previously stated I, my love and understanding of Agios Nektarios goes back to my teenage years. Something happened recently that proved to myself and my family that he is looking after all of us and that he loves us.
My family and I took our first overseas holiday together approximately one month ago. It was a trip that was organised very quickly and certain things were neglected. Leading up to the trip I was very busy and my mind was everywhere. The trip was only three weeks and we had to fit a lot of things in. I wanted to go and see Agios Nektarios, but for some reason completely forgot about Aegina and only thought about Hania, Crete. I do not know why this happened. Crete was completely out of the way, and I knew I could not make it there so I was very disappointed that I had come such a long way and not being able to see the Church of Agios Nektarios. Anyway after we arrived in Europe we went to Italy first and then to Greece. Upon arriving in Athens I met up with a travel agent who met me at a different hotel to what we were originally booked into. We met in the lobby and he asked me to pay for the new hotel in which we stayed. After some discussion he asked if we would be interested in going on some tours while we were in Athens. I asked what he recommended and he showed me a cruise which takes in the islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina. He gave me the brochure so I can show my family, I paid him for the tour and proceeded to go upstairs to my family. Upon arriving in the room we started to read the brochure to see exactly where we were going and what we were doing. (Remember that I had not previously organised this tour, it was last minute and primarily due to us staying at a different hotel and meeting this travel agent.) The brochure showed that the trip to Aegina included a trip to the monastry of Agios Nektarios. As soon as I read this I started crying. My family and I all went to the old Church, his house, the tomb, and the new church. It was the highlight of my trip, and I was happy that my children also saw his monastry and expereinced a very important part of our religion.

John N. Rallis II

I was 25 and [thought I was] healthy...then a lump appeared on my right side just in front of my ear (the parotid gland region). It was Hodgkins lymphoma (cancer). My godfather gave me a book about the life of St. Nektarios, which I committed to read from cover to cover. He and my godmother also gave me a q-tip swabbed with oil from a miracle-working icon of St. Nektarios which I applied to the affected area.

Not only was I cured (I can use that word now; it's been 9 years), but I also received an enormous amount of emotional and, yes, financial support from people I didn't even know (I had just started a business and didn't have health insurance yet).

By the grace of God and, I believe, through the intercessions of St. Nektarios, I have received blessing upon blessing, not the least of which has been living long enough to marry my wife and raise my daughter, joys our great Saint did not himself have.

I am forever grateful for his help, and for his humble example. I talk to him still.


I am a 54 year old woman. On September 19, 2002, I had an allergic reaction to a prescription drug. I was rushed to the emergency room and while there, I went into cardiac arrest. Not knowing if this was caused by a blockage or anaphylactic shock from the medicine, the decision was made to give me TPA. This is a clot buster which is routinely given to prevent further heart problems, etc. In 1% of instances when this is administered, it results in a brain bleed or "haemoragic stroke". This is what happened to me. I was rushed to another hospital with a much more sophisticated neurology unit and there I stayed in a coma for 9 days. My priest (I am Greek Orthodox) was called in to pray for me and my children were told to prepare for my imminent death. On the following Sunday morning I opened my eyes for the first time in nearly a week and a half. I was eventually moved out of intensive care into a "stepdown" unit. I remained there for about another week and then I was moved into a rehabilitation facility. I was still pretty confused for the first couple of weeks. When I started making sense of things, I told my daughters that I saw an elderly priest or monk in my dreams. He was walking on a grassy knoll alongside a water bank. The area was beautiful, very peaceful and serene. He extended his hand to me and said in greek, "Come here my child. You have nothing to fear, you will be fine." At the time, I did not know who he was. When my sisters were told of this by my daughters, I then learned that the entire time I was in a coma, I was clutching a small wooden icon of Agios Nektarios in my hand. I would not let go of it for anything. My one sister has been to Aegina and brought holy water back from there. She gave this to my priest and when he sprinkled it on me, it was the first time that I had shown any movement on my left side (I was completely paralyzed on that side). I am now certain that the person in my "dream" was Agios Nektarios and that it wasn't a dream at all. I firmly believe that I was dying and that he sent me back for whatever reason. I will forever venerate him and celebrate in his name...Thank you for letting me share my story.

Litsa Kritikos

After my brother was born, my mother had difficulty getting pregnant. She was an extremely religious person and turned to the Lord. One night, she had a dream of St. Nektarios. He smiled and handed her something in her dream. The next day, she found out she was pregnant with me. My mother promised St. Nektarios that if all went well with her pregnancy, I would be baptized and married in a church that honored him. I was baptized in the St. Nektarios church in Illinois and although not engaged yet, am planning on being married in a church honoring his greatness.

Alexandru Necula

St.Nektarios taught me that is possible to live a life of complete humility.
I am a doctor and,a few months ago,my third child had two episodes of severe coughing which didn't allow him to sleep.I did all I could as a doctor without him experiencing any improvement.So
I called for help from Father Nektarios and Jesus Christ,and the Holy Theotokos. In a few moments a miracle happened.My child became quiet and fell asleep.
I am a surgeon in Romania.

Costas Antoniou

My daughter Nikki was trying to have a baby but could not .She spoke to a friend about it and her friend gave her an ikon of St Nektarios which she kept in her bedroom.Before long she
became pregnant and she is expecting the baby next may

From: Jim Revelas

While visiting Aegina the summer of July 2006, we visited the monastery and the church there.As my son and I passed by the burial site, on the third time around, we both heard clicking from inside the tomb, 3 times... tick tick tick..I went inside in the icon shop and was led to buy an icon and told them what happened. I took the icon to the head nun, and she blessed it up by the altar, and Agios Nektarios told me to do an artoklasia for my family, so we gave them our names. I have oil from the monastery and the icon, back in the USA now, and anointed his icon with holy myrrh from the icon of the Malevi in Greece.He has directed me in several things so far, and the nun said he was covering my family in prayer while we were in Greece.I dont know what he will do next by Gods grace, but I hope this testimony will be helpful to all those interested.

From: Nektaria

When I was a baby, I was very sick. The doctors didn't really give me much of a fighting chance. They had told my mother that she should baptize me as soon as she could because they believed I only had a month or so to live. I was also going in and out of seizures due to high fevers and comas. At this point, my parents didn't know what name to give me. It was a choice between two of my grandmothers names. One night, my mother saw the Blessed Saint Nektarios in a dream telling her that I would be saved and that she should give me his name. Hence I was called Nektaria. My mother awoke from her sleep and prayed throughout the night. After that day, I stopped going in and out of comas and the fever dropped and left, and has to this day never returned. I have had quite a few close calls since then, ( nearly getting killed by a truck for example ), but Agios Nektarios is always looking after me. I have come away from these incidents remarkably unscathed . When I was younger I visited Aigina and walked towards His Tomb barefoot as my mother had promised the Saint I would. Today I am 19 and I visited my beloved Saint once again last summer, after seeing Him in a dream. Once again, I walked barefoot, and as I paid my homage at His tomb, I was able to hear the the sound of his footsteps from it!

From Irene:

"St.Nectarios healed me the summer of 2019. Saved my life from severe allergic reactions to everything, including water! And he has healed me of much more. Glory be to God."


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