Saint Nektarios-The Miracles...


From Chio to Mitilini:
When Anastasi was a small boy, his father,himself and two other children were on a trip by boat from Chios to Mitilini (Lesbos).A huge storm threatened to sink the boat.Anastasi was asleep, and the two other children asked their father if they should wake him.His father replied that they should let him sleep so that he did not awake to see them all drown.People on the shore were watching the small boat battling against the elements.They lost it in the huge waves and assumed it had gone down.The winds had cut the ropes to the sail. Anastasi awoke and somehow managed to tie the sail with his belt. The boat manged to drift into Mitilini harbour and all were saved.

His mother had gone into mourning thinking that her husband and three of her children were dead. She was overjoyed when they all returned home safely to her.Her husband told her the story of Anastasi's bravery.He was convinced the young boy would one day be a Saint.

His Grandmother:
Anastasi loved his grandmother and would always recite his prayers with her.He told her she would not die until he gave her Holy Communion.This is exactly what happened. He became a priest. He grandmother lived until he had given her the Sacraments.

The Holyland
At a young age he was on a ship bound for the holyland.A storm blew up and the ship was in danger of sinking.The captain gave the order to put on the life jackets.The young Anastasi was ready along with everyone to abandon ship, seeing there was no way out.All the passengers and the crew were waiting anxiously for the captain to give the order.Anastasi went to the captain and calmly took control of the wheel.With tears in his eyes he said "Lord, I do not want to die.I want to spread your name amongst the people.Why are you allowing this to happen?"
He said this many times-over and over again.He took of his cross, a present from his grandmother, tied it to his belt and dipped it into the sea,ordering the sea to be calm.
To the surprise of all the storm stopped. Everyone was amazed.There was great joy on the ship.Everyone was praising God.
Anastasi was sad that he had lost his cross.As the ship continued on its journey, banging was heard from the side of the ship.The captain sent his crew to investigate what was causing the noise but they found nothing.Eventually the ship reached port.Everyone disembarked.As everyone was leaving, the banging was heard again.The captain ordered a thorough search. Eventually they found Anastasi's cross stuck to the ship.The sailor who found the cross called the captain, who eventually managed to attract Anastasi's attention. The boy was overjoyed.

St Nektarios has performed many miracles.I recommend you read the books listed under the "further reading" link.The first one OUDEN ANIATON DIA TON AGION NEKTARION lists over 200 of his miracles.




Last Published :28/04/03